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Our business is focused on harnessing the collective power of top teams in fast-growth businesses.

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This is all about you and your team making the changes needed for your business success.


What Problems Do We Solve? 



Fast-growing businesses have their own particular challenges.

As they expand and grow, their creativity, dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit can disappear. 

If leadership teams don’t function at the very highest level, they can lose what made them successful in the first place – business acumen, creativity, innovative thinking, agility and responsiveness.

And the crucial ability to show that every customer’s experience is important.


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Aligning Teams enable you to change your business for the better.

We enable your team to harness their collective power and reap the benefits:

Aligning Teams, Team Coaching, Team Development, Team Benefits, Clear Purpose, Engaged

Team Benefits

Team Benefits

Clear purpose

An engaged team

Better decision-making

Take responsibility

Hold each other accountable

Develop a growth mindset

Agile and responsive

Strong, consistent delivery

Aligning Teams, Business Benefits, Team Coaching, Team Development, Aligned, Collaboration, Performance, Innovation, Creativity, Agile, Silos, Leadership

Business Benefits

Aligned leadership of the strategy


Increase performance

Improve collaboration

Greater adaptability and innovation

Break down silos

Retain top talent

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The Facts

Aligning Team business improvement consultancy

Only 21% of teams are high performing.  That means you have a 79% chance of being in an average or below average team.

Aligning Team business motivation consultancy

47% believe important issues aren’t discussed because of high inhibition and lack of trust.

Aligning Team business consultancy

30% see fundamental divisions in the team about the future.