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The Aligning Team’s Cycle gets results

business improvement services

Our approach takes teams from good to great with the potential for a 25% uplift in performance.

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Why it works

Aligning Team business improvement consultancy


By working together you create long-term, sustainable transformational change through three core elements:


  1. Challenging you to examine what you do and how you do it so you improve your performance
  2. Getting you to the conversations that are needed but are currently hidden
  3. Creating a culture of innovation to enable sustainable growth and change
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Stage 1 – Diagnose

Where is the team now?

• We talk to you as the leader of the team to understand your reality

• We establish a fuller picture of where things are now through the Team Emotional Intelligence Survey and a conversation with each team member


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Aligning Teams, Team strengths, Team development, Team coaching, Team vision, Team Priorities, Team Purpose

Stage 2 – Develop
Where do you want to be?

• Explore the insights from Stage 1 - Diagnose as a whole team.

• Establish your team's strengths and development opportunities.

• Create a shared purpose and vision for the future.

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Stage 3 – Disrupt

What's stopping you?

• Understand what's stopping you from being at your best as a team.  

• Identify helpful and unhelpful habits.

• Commit to testing out new ways and approaches.


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Stage 4 – Deliver

How far have you come?

• Review the team’s progress.

• Celebrate successes and learn from the challenges.

• Adjust behaviours and move forward as a stronger and Aligned Team.