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Harnessing the collective power of your team.

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We harness the collective power of top teams in fast growing businesses.

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Working with leaders who understand that people and culture are critical to success.


Leaders who want to create thriving, compassionate workplaces.


Instead of cooperating to work well, you could be collaborating to do something amazing!

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The challenges you're facing

Fast-growing businesses have their own particular challenges.

As they expand and grow, their creativity, dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit can disappear. 

If leadership teams don’t function at the very highest level, they can lose what made them successful in the first place – business acumen, creativity, innovative thinking, agility and responsiveness.

Continuing in this way will limit the long-term health and sustainability of your business.

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Do you relate to this?

Aligning Team business improvement consultancy

Only 21% of teams are high performing.  That means you have a 79% chance of being in an average or below average team.

Aligning Team business motivation consultancy

47% believe important issues aren’t discussed because of high inhibition and lack of trust.

business improvement consultancy

30% see fundamental divisions in the team about the future.

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As a boutique agency we’re responsive and flexible

Zoe and Helen founded Aligning Teams because they have a passion for enabling teams and organisations to thrive.  

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